WorkCover & TAC

At Optimum Healthcare, we offer Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology treatments WorkCover and TAC clients.

WorkCover clients

We help injured workers get better and return to work — and life! 

We treat a wide range of common workplace injuries:

Our extended opening hours mean injured workers can attend for treatment at a suitable time for both themselves and their employer.

Our physiotherapists can also help in supplying braces to suit most conditions, for a more effective return to work.

We know there is better thing to worry about while you’re injured, such as getting better, than having to pay for your treatment sessions so you’ll be glad to know that all sessions are billed to the insurer directly and there is no gap payment required.

We understand that successful recovery of any injured worker is a team approach – so we will liaise and communicate with your treating doctors, case manager, employers and any other relevant health professionals throughout the process.

TAC clients

We have extensive experience in treating individuals who have suffered a motor vehicle accident in Victoria. We utilise a team approach between expert Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists to achieve full recovery and client goals. 

We are able to treat a wide range of motor vehicle injuries such as

All of our treatments are billed directly to TAC so there is no gap payment required so you just focus on your recovery.